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My Friends
Gamers' Picture

DaveCon I
October 8th - October 11th 2004

LAME mailing-list editor for the Gamers
Gamer Address Book
The Gamer's File Motel
These are password protected.
Contact me if you forgot your login/password combo again.

Our Progress Quest Campaign
Create a Progress Quest character and then email me its name to join the campaign.

Gaming Calendar

Adventure Chronology
Communal log of our Gurps Lite campaign.

Travel Guide of the Realms
The works of Calcli of Suzail as he travels through the Forgotten Realms.

95 Weeks of Quotes
Weekly quotes from our long running MERP campaign compiled by Shannon Appel.

The Book of Shannon
The official holy book of the shannon cult.
because Shannon doesn't like to quote himself

Prospectus Locus
My role-playing group's Ars Magica campaign.
maintained by shannon appel

My Family
Mike's and Alison's Wedding Picture

Events The Tilden Park Mini Reunion Camp Rendezvous (coming soon)

Email My Family's Mailing List

Make a request of My Family's Mailing List
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My Family Address Book
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My Hobbies

On my fortieth birthday I am marching forty miles.
This map will track my progress.

My Cool Camper Van
A picture my 19 foot Ford Falcon RV I am proud of.

Take a virtual tour of Julie and my home
It is a 46' Marine Trader Ketch. Now both my abodes are mobile.

Macintoch Advocacy
Vendor notes from MacWorld 2000 SF
I read TidBITS religiously

A "See and Say" applet (under construction)
The Switcharoo bourne script featured in September 2002 edition of SysAdmin magazine
A future Source Forge project that I am calling XTGE (eXtensible Table Game Engine)
xtge will be a cgi and javascript monstrosity which will allow the fast conversion of any table game into a multi-player web enabled game
as a proof of concept, I have begun work on a deck of cards
presently it is a bit kludgy but handy for debugging

My Cacher Profile
Julie's Cacher Page
learn about geocaching at geocaching.com

Movie Making
Saturday Gaming: my first real attempt at making a short since high school
I encourage you to become envolved with the MacFilmmakers
I have a couple of movies in the works, but don't hold your breath
The Founder
The Making of Willie Boy

Searching for ET Intelligence
My seti user stats
My seti profile
My seti team's (skotos tech) stats
My latest certificate of achievement


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