DaveCon I

9775 Merino Ave., Apple Valley, Ca. 92308
760 2401681

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DaveCon is held annually in the majestic accommodations at the residence of David Sweet. The massive supply of luxurious rooms at the residence ensures that every gamer in attendance is treated to lodging that their discerning tastes require. Guests may choose from any of the following: the guest room spare beds, the workshop loft, the den's pull-out, the couch, a back-yard tent, the RV, Dave's Dad's trailer. Hotel
Conference Room World class nature of the famous DaveCon attracts only the finest caliber of gamer. We at DaveCon appreciate this fact so we provide only immaculate and professional conference rooms. We believe this enhances the gaming experience. So no matter which gaming activities you choose to experience on "Track I" you will find it as enjoyable as possible. Be aware that pretending to be a troll in a dark dungeon may be difficult in the lavish surroundings of conference rooms.
Due to the unique location of DaveCon you will have a vast array of exotic adventures to choose from on "Track II". Besides the standard "World Class" excursions you expect from such grand locale, DaveCon provides one of a kind adventures: free range rifle and archery practice, geocaching, motorcycle riding, backcountry off-roading, swimming, basketball. Activities
Food The DaveCon meal plan includes fine dinning at a local restaurant, a rustic barbeque, delectable meals prepared by DaveCon staff. No matter if you choose to pay for your meals during the registration process or pay-as-you-go you will not be disappointed by the cornucopia of savory morsels which will stream from the DaveCon stoves and ovens. DaveCon is not responsible for clothing damaged by the uncontrolled drooling of attendees wandering to close to the kitchen.
The choice for locating DaveCon in Apple Valley was strongly influenced by its dynamic nature. Not only can one experience the great outdoors, but one can be thrilled by the wild nightlife of hotspots like the Ponderosa. Shopping at "The Mall" is unparalleled. The "Best Gaming Store" in the High Desert is only minutes away. Conveniently, the game store is next door to an excellent paintball supply store. Nightlife
Video Game Arcade Beyond the traditional games of a gaming convention like Role Playing, War Games, Board Games, and Card Games DaveCon provides a state of the art Arcade. The arcade is loaded with over 2000 video games. The arcade also has favorite "Games of Skill" like Joops and Jarts. You may want to join a pickup game at our basketball court or swim at Dave's Dad's house. Our archery range is open 24 hours a day if you would like to try your skill at that. Trips to practice you rifle skill can be arranged.
Great entertainment can be found both in-house and in the surrounding metropolis. For instance, DaveCon provides a poshly appointed theater showing the greatest titles that Hollywood has produced. The theater is guaranteed to be supply constant entertainment for the entire ninety-six hours of the convention. The selection of movies is guaranteed to appeal to the palette of DaveCon attendees since they are chosen by an extremely focused survey. Movie Theater

The results of the survey are now available. You may also sign up to bring movies listed in the survey. To sign up you must have a login. If you do not have a login (or have forgotten your password) please contact our IT department