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Websites developed by TGD on TGD's web server
Developed by Stephen Sweet:


Random Web Based Projects:
Site-Map (download)
example: site map of tgd's office #17
site-map is is a clickable image map which has a simple but powerful database behind it
the nature of the site-map's database is controlled by a config file like this one
an api describing all the elments of the config file can be viewed as well
site-map was featured in the november '00 edition of sysadmin
HTshell (download is not yet available)
htshell is a web interface to a unix shell account
theoretically, if htshell is installed behind a ssl enabled web site, then its as secure as ssh
unlike the ssh port, the https port is not blocked by most firewalls
beta example: tgd's HTshell login
note: authenticate with this login/password combination: guest/abc123
Survey Builder (download)
the script allows non-technical people to create web surveys, a script included with the survey builder distribution, allows any web page to be linked to survey builder surveys
the collected survey data is stored in tab delineated database files
database programs like filemaker can then import this data
Mimeaway (download)
allows simple web enabled devices to send emails with attachments
since any example of mimeaway I could provide would send an email from my server, I am only providing an image of mimeaway's interface
Sched (download)
sched is a suite of dynamic web pages which enables employees to view their shift schedules
it also allows managers to create and edit those schedules
HTpms (download)
htpms is a password management system for web server password databases
these databases are commonly referred to as htpasswd files, hence the name
it utilizes a cgi script ( and a c program (htpms) to modify web server password files
example: login as a random user (login: user, password: abc123)
example: login as a password administrator (login: admin, password: abc123)
note: if someone has modified these you can reset the passwords by hitting this link.
SysAdmin Log (download)
example: tgd's system administration log
note: to add entries to the log use one of the login/password pairs mentioned in htpms's examples
HTspellchecker (download)
this further rounds out the ht suite with this lame script which does a rudimentary spell check on the specfied web page
Ave Wrigley did all the real work when he wrote
HTnslookup (download)
just when you thought the ht suite could stoop any lower
Dave's KB (download)
example: tgd's knowledge base
the same note that applied to "sysadmin log" applies to the kb example
Editable Tables
example: release plan (download)
example: address list (download)


Local Resources:
Apache's manual
apache is used to serve up tgd's web pages
Crack's manual
crack is a passwd cracking utilities for sysadmins
Swish-E documentation
simple web indexing system for humans - enhanced
Fly's documentation
an on the fly command line gif editor
it's how this page used to do its page hit counter
HTML Quick Reference by Michael Grobe
this doc taught me html oh so many years ago
Mac OS X man pages
Thanks to Eric Hood for the man.cgi script


Personal Links:
David's Web Page
Julie's Photo Album
Dave's Dad's Photo Album
Dave's Brother Mike's Photo Album
Dave's Sister Nancy's Photo Album

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