What Does TGD Stand For?

This is what previous visitors believe TGD stands for:

three grimmy dogs
thursday got dismissed
Totally Gay David
The God Dave
Tight girls dance
Total Graphic Disarray??
The Good Days
Don't Guess This
Teachers Grade Difficulty
Things get dirty
Try Guess'n Dis
That Good dog
Two Gay Dudes
Totally Guido Dad's
Terribly Goulish Dames
That Good Day
Tight Gay Dog
Totally Goulish Dudes
Totally Graphic Difficulty
Dave Teachers God - in that order
Too Good (for) Dogs
That Goshdarn Dog
That Goshdarn Dave
There Goes Dave
Thoughtful Garage Doors
This Gargantuan Dish
The Ghastly Dinosaur
David Goes to Taiwan
Train Gets Destroyed
Darn that guy
Tetrocycline Gargantuan Deraileurs
Trippin' Grabby Daddies
Trachea Guillotine Deadwomen
The Grateful Dead
Time Going Dudes
tumerous gaelic dorks
transportation of danerous goods
Tindalosian Glutonous dogs
TGD Gets Down
The God Domain
Turkish goat dancer
truely gay dave
Thwart GWB's Devilry
Todd, Greg, Dave, Incorporated.
  This corporation was hastily formed during the sudden collapse of the .com industry.
  The mission statement of TGD-INC is to provide cheap, high quality, bio-diesel for America through harvesting and processing green algae.
Team Girl Domination
Team Girl Decapitation
Total Girl Destruction
The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins
T-bla G-bla D-bla
Total Global Domination
Tango Golf Delta

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